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Magnezone is a Pokemon commonly seen on Sandstorm teams as its ability, Magnet Pull, allows it to trap and knock out the Steel-typed walls which are commonly seen as checks to Sandstorm sweepers. Best Pokemon for Sandstorm Teams? Choice Band Dugtrio does a great job, as it can trap Blissey and 2HKO it with Earthquake. Locked; Rate my Team-1.0. Swampert is arguably most threatening when using Curse, though. Synthesis, Moonlight, and Morning Sun only recover 25% of the user's HP, as opposed to the standard 50%. Flygon also has some other interesting attacks at its disposal: Stone Edge, Fire Punch, and even Quick Attack, not forgetting the aforementioned Earthquake, Outrage, and even Draco Meteor. Although one sand setter is all you really need and Cradily isn't really viable in OU. To defeat Suicune, include something with strong Electric- or Grass-type moves, like Magnezone, Celebi, or Roserade. Jolly Nature. The mammoth Pokmon has access to the generic Ground-type move Earthquake as well as Stone Edge, Superpower, and Ice Fang. There are two things that a Sandstorm lead might want to do; activate Sand Steam with Hippowdon or Tyranitar, or set up SRocks. Jirachi can provide Wish support for your team, Stealth Rock, Reflect and/or Light Screen, and paralysis support with Body Slam or Thunder Wave. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Regirock has one of the highest Defense stats in the game, and with relatively good defensive typing, Regirock makes a very good physical wall. Regirock also gets a very welcome Special Defense boost from the sandstorm. it is the 3rd most used dragon in this metagame. Also, I would change Excadrill to some other Pokemon, because Excadrill is more commonly seen as a sweeper. Every metagame is different, but these Pokemon have specifically been good in the Sword and Shield metagame for one reason or another. Privacy Policy. Forretress is capable of setting up every type of entry hazard, as well as spinning them away. Turns out I have to search with the first mon on the family lol =(. Roost. Dragon Dance. Bulky Ground-types easily stop Donphan, as do bulky Waters. Zapdos is a good choice, too. I have to say that my English skill is not very good, so don't jugde me when I write some stupid things that you can't understand ^^! Special Fighting-type attacks, such as Aura Sphere from Lucario, decimate Regirock too. Corviknight, Heliolisk, Sigilyph and Scizor don't take any much of Sandstorm. Empoleon also does well because it resists all priority attacks bar Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave. Lead Jirachi isn't as good in 4th gen, and the other SR users don't have much use outside of entry . 22 20 comments Add a Comment TheJFrenzy1 2 yr. ago Most Pokmon that do well in sandstorm aren't proficient at running mixed sets, and as such, breaking the walls of stall teams is difficult. Dragon Tail is for emergency but if you predict well it can be deadly. Best Pokemon for Sandstorm Teams? Just a minor nitpick but that needs a comma. With one of the highest Attack stats in the game, Tyranitar's Attack can reach more than 600 with Choice Band. SS OU Teams Fun Sandstorm Team ToxaWrecks Mar 3, 2021 ToxaWrecks Mar 3, 2021 #1 I think my sandstorm team may be good but i do need some help with it like what items i need to put on them.Im having a hard time thinking for all of the items. Nature: Adamant IVs: 0 Atk It can turn the tide very quickly in competitive Pokemon if opponents aren't prepared for it, but. - Stone Edge While sitting safely behind a Substitute, Rhyperior can boost its Attack and proceed to rip through your opponent's team with its powerful STAB moves. I know I said i'd save best for last, but this one is my favorite. The reason I chose to build around Sand is because it has amazing matchup against lot of Pokmon, such as the Dogs, Lapras, Thundurus and Zapdos, Incineroar, Yveltal and Xerneas and the list goes on. Blissey can outstall Heatran any day, unless it uses Toxic and Rest, which is relatively rare. I just updated the contents. The combination of Mega Charizard Y's ability Drought, high Special Attack, and access to powerful moves in Solar Beam and Fire Blast is just unfair. This team has worked well for me but I know it needs improvement which is why I've decided to post it here to gain input from other players. One of these sets, Tyraniboah, dates back to the 3rd Generation and is a fantastic wallbreaker. Sun teams are Pokemon with types, moves, abilities, and stats that Sunlight affects. With Platinum's tutor moves, using Superpower in lieu of Focus Punch frees up a spot if you'd rather not use Substitute. - Roost. Hippowdon does have pitiful Speed too, which is somewhat of a let-down, especially if one wants to use Hippowdon's big Attack stat. Since Excadrill is not available anymore and there are no other good Pokmon that can take advantage of the sandstorm to land good hits, people just give up on making them), so I decided to give it . - Bulk Up Reuniclus can be a threat with immunity to Sandstorm from Magic Guard, though Tyranitar eats it for breakfast unless it switches into Focus Blast. Psychic and Air Slash are STAB moves, Heat Wave for coverage, and Roost for healing. Donphan also has Ice Shard, a great attack for picking off weakened opponents. - Heat Wave Flare Blitz and Dragon Claw are both strong STAB moves which deal a lot of damage. SolarBeam's Base Power is reduced from 120 to 60. Here's the team: Tyranitar (M) @ Life Orb Ability: Sand Stream Level: 50 Shiny: Yes Blissey and Spiritomb do a great job at countering Choice Specs Lucario, as Calm Blissey is never 2HKOed by Choice Specs Aura Sphere, and can cripple Lucario with Thunder Wave or dent it with Flamethrower or Seismic Toss, whereas Spiritomb is immune to Aura Sphere and can use Hidden Power Fighting to wear Lucario down. Sunny Day teams are less of a threat as one can bring in Tyranitar or Hippowdon to cause SolarBeam to take another turn as it charges. With AV, during Sandstorm Tyranitar is incredibly bulky and it can't even take super effective hits if they're special. - Earthquake. Ability: Unnerve Want to contribute? The rest of the aforementioned Pokmon, however, can be revenge killed by Excadrill, but only if the sand is up. As is the case with most special attacking Pokmon, Blissey does well to stop Magnezone. Magnezone solves this problem. T-tar is pretty obvious for this team, I'll usually lead off with it to start Sandstorm for my team. Alberto Nez. Sandstorm + Smooth Rock is for 8 turns of wonderful Sandstorm and Stealth Rock is for setting up Entry Hazards. - Superpower. Sandstorm - Started by Sandstorm, or the abilities Sand Spit and Sand Stream, which benefits Rock, Ground, and Steel-types more than any other types. Claydol's main pitfall is its lack of reliable recovery; it can't withstand repeated hits like other Pokmon (Hippowdon) can. Ferrothorn, Latios, and Keldeo can check it pretty nicely, but Ferrothorn has to watch out for Hidden Power Fire variants and Keldeo can only switch in once and fears Fusion Bolt. You want to start with a Pokemon that has the Sand Stream ability; Tyranitar or Hippowdon are your only two choices. In the 2nd generation, sandstorm was seldom used because it would only last five turns through the move Sandstorm, and there was little immediate benefit to the user besides doing 1/16 damage each turn to all Pokmon that weren't part Rock, Ground, or Steel. That said I am having trouble getting a special sweeper since from what I have looked up landorus and Alakazam are the best for sandstorm teams and neither of them are in Pokemon sword. Tyranitar has always been a favorite for its great base stat spread and its Sand Stream ability, which sets up a sandstorm. Can I suggest using Gastrodon over Reuniclus? In this guide we will generally focus on permanent sandstorm, as it is easier to reap the rewards of Sand Stream than it is through use of the move Sandstorm. Heatran and Infernape make good Bronzong counters because of their STAB Fire moves, however they need to watch out for Earthquake. Tyranitar has a plethora of offensive options, from setting up with Dragon Dance to hitting hard outright with Choice Band, to even running a mixed set. #1. Typically, offensive sandstorm teams use powerful Rock-, Steel-, and Ground-type Pokmon such as Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Lucario, and Heatran, who are not damaged by the sandstorm. Sandstorm is one of the third most used but with only 4 weather types that is a fqaint praise. Also if Alakazam was holding a life orb it wouldn't last very long especially if it takes spikes/toxic spikes/stealth rock damage, [Please excuse our look during the redesign :)]. BEST Singles TEAM! Fork is mainly to counter Grass types, among others. Welcome to Smogon! Aerodactyl is one of the fastest Pokmon in the game, so times when Aerodactyl won't be able to set up Stealth Rock as a lead are rare. With an awesome ability in Solid Rock paired with tremendous Attack, Rhyperior does well on any sandstorm team (especially with the Special Defense boost!) Tentacruel is also another Pokmon that can take Water-type attacks easily, which is very helpful for a sandstorm team. Amarillo will update the OP soon. Houndstone also has Sand Rush, increasing its speed in a sandstorm. Toxic Spikes is another large problem, as it hits many common sandstorm Pokmon. EVs: 204 Atk / 52 SpD / 252 Spe Ability: Sand Stream. Cradily's main niche is spreading Toxic on the opponent's team, then stalling while the opponent wastes away; Cradily has Recover and Protect to do this. 1 Answer. Dugtrio doesn't really have a "counter" per say, because most Pokmon Dugtrio will be facing can't switch out. That very same Gyarados makes a good option to use too, but Leftovers is the recommended item over Life Orb because it will help Gyarados combat the sandstorm damage. *Sandaconda is the best weather setter I've ever seen all thanks to it's ability. This is because the weather will otherwise put a quick stop to their sweep. by using the move Sandstorm. Shiny: Yes Your Tyranitar set is sub par right now as there is no reason to run Mixed Tyranitar right now, Smooth Rock is also weird on this team as it only has one Sand Abuser in Excadrill and Tyranitar would benefit a lot more from the passive recovery from Leftovers. Shuckle is yet another defensive Pokmon made better in sandstorm, however Shuckle can't do much of anything except Toxic and Encore, and even its monstrous defenses cannot cover its low HP (meaning it still can't take heavy-duty hits). All guides and strategy information are 2004 and its, Rock-type Pokmon's Special Defense is boosted by 50%. Aromatherapy is the main move on this set, cleansing your team of any status problems that it may have. (Smogon Gen 8/National Dex Singles) I want to make a sandstorm team but I'm very new to team building and I'm not sure which pokemon I would consider. Registeel is a good wall in OU, even better in UU (it's one of the few Pokmon to stop Venusaur with relative ease). There is a reason Fire Blast, and mixed sets in general, are popular on MGarchomp. Despite its weakness to Water, its high Special Defense and the boost granted to it in the sandstorm means that it can take them . [Please excuse our look during the redesign :)], Shuca Berry / Muscle Band / Passho Berry / Chople Berry. Tentacruel can also be defeated by other powerful Electric- or Ground-type attacks. A Sandstorm team is generally built around Pokemon with stats or movesets affected by sand. Kyurem-B is slower but pretty much on par with other threats to sand teams. Jolly Nature Flygon has always been overshadowed by Salamence and Garchomp, but since they are Uber, Flygon has risen to become a top-tier Pokmon. The only real options are Brick Break, Return, or X-Scissors. It has the ability to put in a lot of work against typical sand balance archetypes, especially with Pursuit support. This is why you'll commonly find Ferrothorn, Amoonguss, or even Mega Scizor on these team archetypes. With the introduction of Excadrill, a Pokmon that tore apart everything with its Adamant Life Orb set under permanent sand unless another weather inducer came into play, came a threat that was pretty hard to handle. That doesn't necessarily just work with subs. Other than that, its looking greatcan't wait to see the final product! Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced the highest number of new critters ever since Gen 5 games, which were released over ten years ago now, and by doing so they also came with plenty of strong Pokemon. X-Scissor and Psycho Cut are for coverage, and Swords Dance to double Attack in an instant! Pokemon who lack the Rock or Steel or Ghost type will be damaged by the Sandstorm. The moveset I'm recommending has both Grass Knot and HP Fire. With access to Tail Glow, it can become really threatening in an instant. Timid Nature and Fire Blast happens to be the most lethal attack in Garchomp's movepool for those Pokemon. When playing against these teams, you may often have to make smart sacrifices to keep control of the battle. That's where the next Pokmon comes in Skarmory is a great asset on sandstorm teams and a giant pain when used against them, because of its high Defense and Ground-type immunity. The iron bell makes another great sandstorm wall. The Special Defense of Rock-type Pokemon is increased by 50%. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. No one on Smogon had anything to say about my team, so I figured I try here and see what people think and get some feedback. EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Recently, I've noticed sandstorm teams are not very popular in this tier (and for good reasons too, I might add. Dugtrio is one of the few Ground-type Pokmon that has Speed without a Choice Scarf. - Pursuit. Kilowattrel. Black Buddha. As reported by Smogon, Last Respects is a physical Ghost-type move with 50 base power that Houndstone learns as soon as it evolves. I'm likely not having that nightmare scenario because it's not worth to pit your hax. I would mention that it only has limited move options. With a powerful STAB Earthquake, a reliable 50% recovery move in Slack Off, and Stealth Rock, Yawn, Toxic, and Roar for support, Hippowdon can fit right into any stall team. Earthquake. After Cursing a few times, Swampert will be nearly unstoppable (anything that doesn't pack a Grass-type move won't be able to KO a boosted Swampert). Ever since its introduction way back in GSC, sand was bound to make a significant impact on the metagame. thanks ill use all of these sets except i will give dragapult hex and use the original ferrothorn set.Thanks for looking over this team Simp. EVs: 20 Def / 236 SpA / 20 SpD / 232 Spe The first main change I suggest is using AV Tangrowth over Cradily. We encourage original content and questions for all official battle formats. Empoleon is countered relatively easily by Blissey (and other special walls, such as Snorlax). Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Max hp max spd. If you are using Corviknight, then your number one goal should be to ensure that Rillaboom and opposing Garchomps doesn't run you over, which those two can easily do in the blink of an eye. You're better off using scale shot as that move increases Garchomp's speed after use, allowing you to boost up to defcon one while substitute would shield you from many attacks, most importantly, allows you to burn thru RIlla's terrain if you need to earthquake something, For the fifth slot, I suggest using mixed Dracozolt, or as it is called, Ocelzolt, made by LiquidOcelot from smogon. Magnezone can also destroy Pokmon like Vaporeon and Suicune, and can revenge kill Scizor thanks to Hidden Power Fire. Sandstorm doesn't make a giant difference in battling compared to extreme field effects like Trick Room, so building your team isn't too difficult. Celebi can provide Leech Seed support, and it makes a nice Gyarados counter (it can also defeat your opponent's Rock- and Ground-types with Grass Knot). small thing to add is that with magearna gone, speed evs on ttar are not that necessary. Learn the basics of the team and how you too can sweep the Battle Tower with a strong team. This is where the Lati twins come into play. Garchomp is a nessecary for any Sandteam in my opinion, and with a Life Orb means it's overpowered (the Ice types in the room: "Hey"). - Swords Dance. Snorlax and Tyranitar also do quite well to stop Magnezone, with high Special Defense and access to Earthquake. Regirock packs more of a punch than Registeel though, so it doesn't need to Curse up to actually damage the opponent. Claydol can Trick crippling items onto other Pokmon too. Hippowdon being generally used less than Tyranitar does not mean that it's bad by any means! . Both are excellent checks to Manaphy, Keldeo, and Mega Charizard Y. Latios is primarily used for its offensive presence, while Latias is a better check to these threats and packs Healing Wish, which gives an opportunity for a sweeper like Excadrill to have another go at the opponent's team. You must log in or register to reply here. - Crunch DW Cradily is most definitely released, so Storm Drain could at least get a mention. The grip of sand as a playstyle on the tier might've loosened, but it still poses a huge threat to many teams. Softboiled provides an instant recovery move for Blissey, while either attack is acceptable. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. JavaScript is disabled. And the OP didn't have that set either. For Excadrill, it says "several coverage moves." All Pokemon with the ability Sand Force have their Ground-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type moves boosted by 30%. I have a few things that I would like to say. Shore Up is used for its great reliably recovery in sand. With this, Mamoswine can do heavy damage to opposing Pokmon before they can land a hit. Also note that I use this team in BSS but I'll sometimes play nat dex AG or swsh ubers instead. Ability: Magic Guard CurseTar usually uses Payback over Crunch because it'll be moving last unless your opponent uses a move with negative priority, which allows for 150 Base Power after STAB provided Tyranitar moves last, instead of the 120 which Crunch has. There is a process to building a good sand team. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Competitive 6v6 Smogon OU Wifi Battle - YouTube 0:00 39:45 BEST Singles TEAM! I hope you like! Pokmon like Starmie outspeed and OHKO Gliscor with Ice Beam. What is a Weather Team? This is why this role is very important on a sand team: having a Pokmon that can break past these foes is really helpful and aids the team immensely by contributing towards the overall objective of the team, to attain a sweep with Excadrill. Mamoswine also has something other Ice-types don't: neutrality to Stealth Rock. dress like a dad party theme, fnf character test playground remake 9, john hagee house address,

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